By Pastor Bill Fix
I could step into a room and choose happy over sad
I could look into my mind and be thankful for all I have
I could wake up in the morning choosing praise & peace & joy
I could remember how rich life's been for God's little boy
I could look through all the pictures of family, friends and faith
I could be very grateful for God's mercy & His grace 
I could preach a sermon about the love and joys in life
I could tell of how my blessing includes a patient wife
I could tell of four great churches I was privileged to pastor
I could tell how life seemed slow but now its moving faster
I could talk about my aches and pains but that would not be fair
I could ignore the many blessings of God's loving tender care
I could ignore the kindness or be thankful for all I've had
I could tell you of the abundant life and seldom I am sad
I could shrink away from failure and the challenges I see
I could say they were not easy but through all there's victory
I could run and hide when things get tough
I could retaliate when folks get ugly and rough
I could live my life for Jesus and make the best of all
I could remember in the journey God's helped me through it all
I could tell you I laughed much more than I've cried
I could show you how God blessed me when I tried
I could smile as I remember all the life that I have lived
I could smile at life eternal for what Lord and Savior did
I could tell you that I'll not perish because I believe in Him
I could ask if you believe and if you are a Christian
I could tell you it is the best life you could ever live
I could thank God for only what He can give (eternal life)
Remember: Thanksgiving is Giving Thanks